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September 28, 2015 0 Comments Travel, Lifestyle

Close your eyes and you can almost see it emerge from the deep, sparkling sea � a cluster of islands brilliantly green bathed in a gold light, the shimmer of money. This is The New Asia. It takes off from the Old Asia we used to know but today it is infinitely more progressive, full of exceptional intelligence, skill and talent. It is the emerging seat of the next big global success stories.

Imagine the people. First there are the ones referred to as yellow though I must remind you that it was the original white (arguably pink under the sun) colonizers, who gave them this label. Until we Asians change it, it remains. Yellow and slant-eyed, the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese � in alphabetical order � represent a sector that is very confidently progressive, rich getting richer by the minute, coming from everywhere in the world. In other words, they are global. Where the money is, you will without a doubt find yellow power holding the reins.

Then there are the browns, all shades. There are the Indians from India; once it was lagging behind, now it is scoring globally. Then there are the Thais and Indonesians. There are the Muslims, made up of mostly brown too. They all score successes in the new emergent Asia. The possible exception is the Filipino, who once upon a time used to almost lead the pack, but who has somehow managed to fall behind. Today, the Filipinos simply watch, looking for opportunities for leadership, make plans, and wish for the day to come when they can once more join the battle for leadership and possibly win. I hear of local universities opening campuses in Vietnam, in Indonesia, everywhere in The New Asia. I smile broadly when I hear those stories thinking: There is a point of hope.

I understand too that there is a session that will discuss Islamic perspectives on management and business, a session I find extremely interesting because it begins to build a bridge between cultural and religious differences, which, believe it or not, have much influence on business decisions.

Surabhi Gupta
Surabhi Gupta
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